Homes of Hope History
Founding Mothers Investigate Options

In the early 80s, a group of Bloomington-Normal Mothers, who had children with intellectual disabilities, began conversations about the dream of providing a place for their children to call home. Driven by strong emotions of love, concern and fear, the discussion of who would provide appropriate care when they were no longer able became a common topic. Collectively, they wanted a place where family values would remain intact and opportunities for employment, community inclusion, and possibility would thrive. 

Law and Land
By-Laws Adopted & Land Donated
December 1995
First Home Opens

Pantagraph article dated: March 17th, 1996. Founding Mother, Mary Wright, President of Homes of Hope, Inc. at the time, proudly stands in front of HoHs first home. It was designed to uphold core family values such as "quality Christian living in a family-home setting." This flagship home gave four individuals the opportunity to experience life outside of mom and dads home. 

December 1995
First Fundraiser
First Christmas Home Tour

They quickly realized a need for additional sources of revenue outside of what the state was funding. They came up with a Christmas Tour. The tour ran for 13 years (ending in 2008) and generated nearly $100,000. 

February 1997
Homes of Hope Grows
Second Home Opens

With the addition of this home, Homes of Hope was able to offer four more individuals the chance of independent living.

March 1998
Time To Celebrate
First Employee Appreciation Banquet

Recognizing how invaluable the Homes of Hope staff are/were,  the board created a special celebration in their honor.

November 16th, 1998
Third Home Opens

With the opening of this home, Homes of Hope is now providing services to 12 individuals who have intellectual disabilities.

October 1999
Credit Bureau Dissolves

Homes of Hope receives $80,000 donation.

November 2007
Homes of Hope's First Annual Draw Down Fundraiser

The Home Tour fundraiser was replaced with our Draw Down. This event is a reverse raffle and held in the fall. If you would like more information regarding the event, head over to the Events & More tab and select Draw Down.

August 1st, 2008
Continued Growth
Fourth Home Opens

The continued growth is humbling for Homes of Hope board and staff. Opening this house allowed us to provide support services to 16 residents. 

January 10, 2015
Continued Growth
Fifth Home Opens

Seven years after the opening of our fourth home we were able to do it again. We welcomed four ladies into this residence. Homes of Hope was providing support services to 20 individuals. 

July 1st, 2019
Sold & Bought
Bought New Home

Our Townley home was a tri-level home with stairs. Four guys lived in this home. As they got older, it became more difficult to navigate stairs. We sold that home and purchased a new home for them. Move in day was July 1st. 

April 1st , 2020
It's No Joke
Sixth Home Opens

This home opened during the COVID-19 pandemic on April Fool's Day.

December 2020
Milestone Celebration
Homes of Hope's 25th Anniversary

It has been an honor to be in existence for this long serving adults who have disabilities. We are grateful to each founding mother, resident, family member, guardian, staff, board member, and donor. For without you, we would not have been able to continue to fulfill the dream from long ago.