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Find out more about our HEROES?

In 2017 we launched our Heart Healthy Hero Program (HHHP)

Although we currently don’t have funding for this program, we still attempt to abide by some basic health and wellness rules. 

Below is a bit of history regarding the HHHP

Our Heart Healthy Hero Program (HHHP) is a cultural change within our agency.

Our focus is on the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff. Over half of our agency is overweight by 10-150 pounds. Individual genetic makeup, medications prescribed, lack of quality exercise, and a lack of healthy lifestyle knowledge contributes to their obesity. Our HHHP has developed a steering committee currently comprised of staff and residents who are helping to plan the services. Thanks to the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation and their grant monies, we were able to put in a garden bed at one of our homes and we are collaborating with our local Bloomington-Normal YMCA as well as Heartland Community College for our exercise needs.

We are also pleased to announce that we have partnered with OSF St. Joseph Medical’s Center for Healthy Lifestyles for our education needs. They have designed classes that meet the specific needs of our residents and staff members. Gratefully, they have also been able to include education classes for our parents/guardians and board members.

The goal with our new HHHP is to focus on our health and wellness, to get moving, be more conscious of what we consume daily, eliminate some “not so healthy food and drink” and to lose a little weight. In addition, we hope to have some natural consequences from eating healthier and losing weight, such as the possibility of eliminating certain medications, or lowering the dosage.


In 2017, we developed reasonable goals for each resident and staff who wanted to participate in our new HHHP. We focused on a 10% weight loss for most. Here are the agency statistics: 

Those who made their goal weight
Lost 10% of their weight 35%
Lost weight but not goal weight
Didn't lose 10% but still lost 40%

This is Pam. She was our "biggest loser" for our HHHP. Pam started thinking about her weight before our program began. Her 'why' was unique. Pam was headed to Florida with her family and she didn't want to pay for 2 airplane seats because of her size. Pam lost roughly 50 pounds and she didn't have to purchase 2 tickets. Well done, Pam!

This is Mindie. She also lost quite a bit of weight during the launch of our program in 2017-2018. Mindie's parents continue to support her health and wellness journey alongside us.
Mindie lost 23 pounds during this time. Congratulations, Mindie!

This is Ashley. Her wellness journey continues with Weight Watchers (WW), alongside what we provide. Her parents helped her join WW for additional support which has been a big help. Ashley has lost roughly 40 pounds from the start of our program. This girl is strong. Keep going, Ashley!

COVID-19 unfortunately derailed many of us. It was difficult to remain focused during the pandemic shutdown, some suffered from a lack of motivation and found comfort in food. We are striving to get back to where we were pre-COVID working to regain our motivation and dedication to this program.