Annual Appeal

Appeals letter- what, why and who does it benefit?

What is an Appeals Letter?

It is a way for HoH to share with you our accomplishments within our agency and to highlight remaining needs for our residents. It allows us to continue to tell our story of successes and shortcomings. 

Why do we need to Appeal?

To put it simply, there are gaps in our state funding. When we see a need, like technology for our residents during  apandemic and our agency creates a program to support that, it is not supported through DHS. We write grants to obtain the money needed to run the program. Our HHH and T.E.C.H. Programs are funded externally.

Who does it benefit?

Our resident’s are the ones who gain. It is our job to make certain that they are well-cared for with safe homes, well-trained staff and access to resources. 

These faces

We are lucky enough to support these resident’s everyday! We truly are blessed to get to know them and to spend time with each them and their families. Pictured below are just a few of them. Look at those smiles! This is why we do what we do. But, we also need your support to help us fulfill our mission of Serving and Supporting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in a Manner Inspired by God’s Call.

Your dollars could help with...

To all of our generous donors, supporters and volunteers...

A few Testimonials from our generous donors!