Lend a hand and make a difference

Lend a hand and make a diffence

Homes of Hope volunteers are afforded the opportunity to interact and develop relationships with each of our residents. We invite you to share your time and talents with us. You will find that volunteering your time will not only brighten the resident's day, it will brighten YOUR day as well. Have some fun and gain some experience working with individuals who have intellectual disabilities.

Here are some volunteer opportunities that will inevitably benefit the lives of our resident's. To learn more, please call our Homes of Hope office at 309-862-0607 or email Holly at hphillips@homesofhopeinc.org.

Grills and chills Special event set-up
Arts and crafts Card and board games
Gardening Painting toes and nails
Popcorn and a movie      Social outing assistance
Puzzles Reading books
Music Therapy Health and Wellness