Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Maureen McIntosh

    Staff Name: Maureen McIntosh

    Job Title: Executive Director/RN

    Years of service: Since 2005

    Maureen has an associate in banking, RN and a B.A. in Health Art. Prior to HoH, she was at OSF for 19 years working as a Med/Surg nurse, then carried her experience over to St. Joseph as Home Care Manager. She brings experience from past employment at the McLean County Health Department working with all ages including pre/postnatal and infant clients. “I've been fortunate in serving a variety of people. Being a home care manager enabled me to help HoH grow while providing safe and meaningful lives for our residents.” 

  • Lisa Evans

    Staff Name: Lisa Evans

    Job Title: Office Manager

    Years of service: Since 2004

    Lisa previously worked as a case manager at Malik Enterprises as well as the Department of Human Services in the Rehabilitation Services Department. Lisa is also a chairperson of the Human Rights committee. She is proud to assist and serve our residents by advocating for their rights.

  • Carlyn Patterson

    Staff Name: Carlyn Patterson

    Job Title: Human Resources Coordinator (HRC)

    "I am here to provide resource services for our residents as well as staff. My mother worked here for over 10 years. She loved her involvement and contributions and always recognized the importance of the services HoH provides." Caryln has an associate’s degree is in Business Management and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in HR Management. She had the pleasure of growing up in an environment focused on helping individuals who have disabilities. Her goal in life is to provide our community with knowledge of available resources and how to access them efficiently.

  • Matthew Huddleston

    Staff Name: Matthew Huddleston

    Job Title: Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP)

    Years of service: Since 2011

    Matt has been in the social services field for the past 21 years and has served on a nonprofit board in Champaign. He has extensive experience working as a family specialist and a case manager within different organizations. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern University. Helping others is a natural extension of Matt's ability to effectively lead and care for other people.

  • Nancy Bragonier

    Staff Name: Nancy Bragonier

    Job Title: Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP)

    Years of service: Since 2012

    Nancy began working in our homes as a Direct Support Professional (DSP), which she very much enjoyed. In 2015, she started as a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) giving her the opportunity to put her degree to use without sacrificing quality time with our residents. Prior to HoH, Nancy worked at Marcfirst for eight years as a DSP and a house manager. She holds a bachelor's degree in Social Work from ISU. Her passion has always been to help others.

  • Holly Phillips

    Staff Name: Holly Phillips

    Job Title: Fundraising/Marketing Coordinator

    Years of service: Since 2014

    Holly has lived in Bloomington-Normal for over 10 years. She is an ISU alum and holds a Bachelor of Science degree. She has two young boys who help her prepare for HoH fundraisers, and sometimes they get to volunteer; Holly strongly feels that we should teach our children at a young age to care for other people. She believes that part of our purpose is to help others in a compassionate way that truly makes a difference in their life.

  • Steve Whalen

    Staff Name: Steve Whalen

    Job Title: Property Supervisor

    Years of service: Since 2017

    Steve was born and raised in Bloomington, IL., he owned A-Lock Doctor for 27 years. He is currently working construction for Union Laborers Local 362. At a young age, Steve volunteered for Special Olympics with his family. Because he grew up knowing Tony, one of our residents, this gave him the opportunity to not only stay in touch with an old friend, but to meet, care for and interact with other residents who quickly became his new friends.

  • Kris Netzke

    Staff Name: Kris Netzke

    Job Title: Maintenance Assistant

    Years of service: Since 2017

    Kris has lived in the Bloomington-Normal area for the past 27 years. His father was the HoH Property Supervisor for 13 years, which is how he became involved with this organization. Kris enjoys being able to help care for the homes in which our residents live. He states that "Being a father myself, I understand the importance of properly caring for someone else's loved ones."

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