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Homes of Hope

Grants and Community Partners

Last month we were awarded $4,000 from the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation for our Smiling is a Universal Program. This program will help with finances for additional dental needs outside of what Medicaid provides. We are very grateful for this award.

On May 8th, 2017, we were awarded $1,000 from the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation (IPCF) to apply towards our Heart Healthy Hero Program. Our grant was funded through the IPCF’s General category. This money has allowed us to put in a garden bed at one of our homes and has given us the opportunity to collaborate with our local YMCA and Heartland Community College (HCC) for our exercise needs. We begin our six week ‘WERQ’ classes, similar to ZUMBA, at HCC in September. Our YMCA membership will begin in November.

We are proud to be partnering with the Center for Healthy Lifestyles and OSF St. Joseph Medical Center. They are providing education classes for our staff, residents, parents/guardians and board members. We have developed a curriculum suitable for each group of individuals. We are so grateful to each of you who are donating your time, and expertise to help support our Heart Healthy Hero Program.